Random Color Generator

Use our random color generator to explore colors and color palettes. Press the "Generate" button or the spacebar on your keyboard to generate new colors.

How to Use Our Random Color Generator

Here's how to use our random color generator to find colors and color palettes:

Generate New Colors

To generate new random colors, press the "Generate" button or the spacebar on your keyboard.

Copy Color Code

You can copy a color by pressing the copy icon next to it.

Change Color Code Format

By default, our random color picker shows the HEX code for each color (ex: #360581, #E86517, #3364C4).

You can use the format dropdown to select between the HEX, RGB, HSL, HSV, and CMYK color formats.

With HEX selected, you can see and copy the HEX code. For other color formats, you can view and copy the values. With RGB selected, you'll see 51, 100, 196 instead of #3364C4.

Lock a Color

You can lock a color by toggling the lock icon on the color box. This keeps that color in future picks.

If you decide you no longer want that color to be locked, you can toggle the lock to unlock.


Press the undo icon or CTRL + Z on your keyboard to view previously generated colors/color palettes.

If you've gone back to look at older colors, you can press the redo icon or CTRL + Y on your keyboard to go forward.

Number of Colors to Generate

The random color picker creates 6 colors by default. You can adjust it to generate 1-50 colors at a time using the "Count" dropdown.